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Pope receives Muslim World League chief: Vatican Muslim cooperation for coexistence reviewed

[Posted on July 23 2017] click here

Super Genius Kid Tanmay Bakshi (studying in 8th, 13 year old) explaining IBM Watson and Artificial / Augmented intelligence machine learning. Watch this video.. his confidence, presence of mind and presentation is just amazing terrific.

[Posted on July 23 2017] click here

Pope Francis' efforts to promote inter-religious unity: A lesson for current day India

[Posted on July 23 2017] click here

Watan Ki Fikr - Bhopal Presentation

[Posted on July 23 2017] click here

Electronic voting machines (EVMs) deserve multi-party control

[Posted on Apr 1 2017] click here

UAE's City on Mars - 2117: Congrats HH Sheikh Mohammad for your vision

[Posted on Feb 17 2017] click here

Extracts from President Obama's Farewell Address, Chicago, January 10, 2017

[Posted on Jan 10 2017] click here

Common Ground for Theological Dialogue between Christians and Muslims

[Posted on Dec 17 2016] click here

Increasing Interfaith Interaction with Interfaith Pilgrims from Europe

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